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LOVE THIS!!!. For me, my quest has been contentment over happiness. I have found that happiness is a bit of a roller coaster and often times fleeting. One day you can be happy and the next day or hours later you can be sad. Contentment is more constant, long lasting, sustainable and forged in gratitude. I find contentment to be a foundation on which to build your life on and deal with the woes..It requires more effort to be happy and you have to keep working at it. Contentment to me is like finding your stride and groove. Even if you fall, you get up and continue with your stride.

My grandfather had so much swag about him. I mean this guy was like straight out of a magazine. Fedoras, suspenders, matching 3 piece suits, gold pocket watch with the chain hanging- everything :) He had this particular style about him even when all the elements hit him, ie. injury, age, walking with a cane, then a walker... But his style was always constant and you could see it through all of his physical changes, even to his last day at 94yrs old.

This is how I see contentment. It's something you develop and it becomes a stamp or a style. Even with life's ups and downs, gains and losses- you still have this internal stride about you.

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Another good one Shanna! Happiness being fleeting and relative, I'm as happy as I can be given the circumstances!

We are super fortunate! Gratitude is always a good place to mine for happiness! 😉

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