Snapshots of Setúbal

I hope you enjoy this little snapshot gallery from my wanderings in Setúbal, Portugal, the city where I live.

Setúbal is located southwest of Lisbon on the Sado River, which empties a few miles away into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s walkable, friendly, and there are discoveries to be made around every corner. Come with me and explore…

A new sculpture has landed on the roof of the Casa do Turismo in Bocage Square called “The Cat and the Wind” by artist Ricardo Romero.

Lisbon is known for blooming Jacarandas in May, but we have them, too!

Delight in the colors of Setúbal’s back streets, shops, and buildings.

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That’s it for now, I will add to this gallery periodically, so if you are interested in Setúbal, Portugal, please check back regularly—and if you’d like to support my work, you can Buy Me a Coffee. I appreciate your faithful readership, your comments, and your generosity! 

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