Deep Sorrow at the State of the States

What's the way forward?

I feel deep sorrow for the United States—a country that was built on the backs of slaves and still operates, in large part, under the labor of people of color (POC).

If you’ve been to restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hospitals, or any entity that serves the needs of humans, then you’ve benefitted from the hard work and inequitable status of POC. This alone is cause for pause and reflection.

I wrote an article for you, but out of respect for this tumultuous time, I’ll save it for another day. Instead, I’m sharing a few links (not only about racial justice—a variety of links). I hope you take a few moments from your day and check them out. I know it’s difficult to override our biases, still, the future of civil society depends on us—we must start with understanding one another through open minds and hearts.

There are many eloquent voices on the subjects of systemic racism and police brutality (as well as COVID-19, climate catastrophe, etc.). I hope you find something worthy of your reading time.

And, we will travel again, so don’t miss the links about travel—especially to Portugal!

On to the links!





This article hits at the heart of why I stopped teaching yoga (and practicing in studio settings). Mainly, the training mills pumping out teachers with little experience and fewer prospects, and the co-option of yoga by the fashion and beauty industry, which pushes (white) body standards and toxic messages (yoga butt?), et. al. Also: see debt, capitalism, unfulfilled promises, and overproduction of PhDs. Just read it—it's fantastic :)